June 25, 2024



2001 — 2011 Ten Years’ Development of Smart Phone

Nowadays, Cell phone becomes a necessary thing when people go out as key and wallet. Customers now are giving more attention to smart planar magnetic headphones, which can link to internet and freely download apps from app store and internet. So, what about the beginning of the smart phone and how the smart phone developed during the 10 years? Now let us talk about the 10 years’ development of smart phone.

2001: The born of Symbian and Ericsson Produced the First Smart Phone

At the beginning of 2001, Ericsson released the first smart phone R380s based on Symbian, which had a touch screen under a flip. This kind of PDA + Phone model became a kind of smart phone model: Symbian UIQ. R380s pointed a bright future to Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 series. That is the first smart phone in the world.

2002: Microsoft and Palm Breaking out

Nokia 7650 is the first phone based on Symbian S60. Having a clear interface as normal cell phone, S60 users can freely expand function to their phones. Inner-build camera and MMS supported help Nokia 7650 gain a much attention. The later N seris proved that Nokia choose a right direction on smart phone design for these years.

Handspring’s first smart phone is Treo 180(Palm OS). It is interesting that its processor is come from MOTOROLA and only 33MHz and 16MB memory, however, at that time, it is one of the big storage space.

At the end of 2002, Windows Mobile Dopod 686 is released and receives a lot of eyes because the Windows PC liked interface and easy to use. And I would like to piont out that the OEM of Dopod 686 is HTC(now one of the most popular smart phone producers).