June 16, 2024



Are You Realistic, Do You Expect Miracles?

Truly, I was shocked. I guess I shouldn’t be but I was. How is it possible that there are still people who don’t believe in non dual teacher? How is it possible that they don’t believe it’s realistic?

Obviously I need to start expanding my reach. You can help. But it requires you to be bold and come out of the Woo-Woo Closet. You know, the closet where you keep quiet about the fact that you’re into all this woo-woo stuff. LOL – okay, don’t panic, maybe just stand up and be bold just ONCE this week and share some miraculous, attraction-type situation that happened to you with someone who you’re not sure is in to this.

I definitely was in the Woo-Woo Closet for a long time and then I started to notice something. I’d bring up Attraction principles in groups and many people would say that they completely believe that they attract things into their life.

When I started being asked to speak at events I would drop in the hint of Attraction and I would be shocked at how many people would put up their hands and say they knew about and believed in the Law of Attraction.

Every time I send out an email, especially in the summer or around Christmas, I’ll get people’s vacation auto responders back and I can see where they work or what role they play in their work. Do you know Attract More Now Tips has had educators from Oxford, Harvard, UBC and Duke as well as other highly distinguished education facilities on it’s list. We have doctors, lawyers, chiropractors, dentists, TV and Movie producers, engineers, sales professionals, bankers, business owners, IT professionals on the list and I haven’t even scratched the surface!

So if you ever feel alone in your beliefs in miracles or Attraction, you don’t need to. There are a lot of people out there who know that there is something beyond what we hear in the every day media. Something beyond what we have learned traditionally.

But I think we all need to speak up a little louder. Acknowledge that what you believe in is perfect and right for you. When you’re good with that – you actually give permission to others to do the same. If they’re not ready for it – that’s perfect for them too! Perfect for them to have that point of view but it doesn’t make your point of view any less real.

The world needs more people to activate Awareness in the world. When we can see something amazing happen in our life, have the awareness that we helped to create that and then acknowledge it – WOW!! When we start to claim our power in our life… What else is possible?!!!

For instance, my friend Cathy lives in the Chicago area and she was driving to an appointment and was in heavy traffic and was late. She asked to arrive at 9:25, five minutes early for her appointment.