June 16, 2024



Chain Letter Scam – What We All Need to Know About It

The chain letter Report Scam has been around for quite some time now. It is one of the variations of the famous mail scam that contains spam. In fact, it might not be too far off the mark to say that the chain letter scam is among one of the earliest scams around. Unlike other mail scams that started due to the popularity of the Internet, this scam has been around before the Internet became as famous as it is now.

This scam originally was used by con man who would trick innocent people, by using real letters and mails. They would send it in the bulk to different addresses. This scam was very famous back then, but due to the cost of sending the letters, it could sometimes prove to be an unprofitable scam to those con man. But with the introduction of the Internet, everything suddenly changed.

Because sending an email is free, it eliminated the cost that required when sending real letters and mails. This makes it one of the earliest scams in the Internet today. So what is the chain letter scam? It is simple. You are provided a list of names and addresses. What you need to do is send a small amount of money to the address of the person, whose name is on the very top of the list. After doing so, remove that persons name from the list, and include yours in the bottom. After that, just send them out to as many people as you possibly can.

This is how they entice people to join. Let’s say that you sent $20 to the person whose name is on top of the list. After that, your name is entered at the bottom, let’s say with another ten peoples name to go. You send this mail to five other people. From there, they pay for the person whose name is on top and remove it from the list. That means that your name is at number nine.

Those five people that you sent the mail to, then send it to five other people. And the process continues until your name is at the top. And when it reaches your turn, with the people sending money under you increasing, you will make $195,312,500!