May 28, 2024



Chiang Mai Nightlife – Bars And Pubs

The Chiang Mai 베트남 풀빌라 may look limited to newly arrived tourists and they do not know where the happening bars and pubs are. Though not as plentiful or varied as the scene in Bangkok, Chiang Mai does have its own cool party venues. Choose from these nightlife places that target farangs (Westerners), or those that attract hordes of locals every night. Check out these popular bars and pub/restaurants.

When you ask about Chiang Mai discos, the first name on anyone’s lips will be Bubbles (or Space Bubble) at the basement of Porn Ping Tower. Mentioned in many travel guide books, this nightspot is always crowded and plays loud thumping music. It gets a good mix of tourists and locals, including gays and lady boys.

The Riverside and The Good View are the most popular riverside pub cum restaurants among tourists and locals alike. These two are located side by side on the banks of the Ping River. You can enjoy waterfront dining, with live music from the local bands. They play mostly Western songs, with some local Thai songs.

If you’re looking for Chiang Mai nightlife with a little more local flavour, try Fine Thanks, a pub/restaurant on Nimmanhaemin Road. The usual crowds are mainly locals, with a few single tourists. The draw of this nightspot is the very attentive and sexily dressed team of young Thai waitresses.

Here’s why you should take a look at the local nightlife scene: young, beautiful and trendy Thais partying like there’s no tomorrow. These are mostly students from the universities in Chiang Mai, or young working adults. And the place to be is called Nimmanhaemin Road. There are two top clubs to see and be seen.

The first stop is Warm Up. The huge premises are designed typical Chiang Mai style: restaurant on the outside, pub and disco on the inside. The live music from the band alternates with DJ spots. You get a mix of hip hop and Thai music. This club is always hip and happening with beautiful local crowds. Not many farang yet.

The second is Monkey Club, which is slightly smaller than Warm Up, also with similar design. It’s a trendy establishment with a beautiful outside area. Inside, you have a live band playing with DJ spots too. This nightspot is also always crawling with the young and beautiful people of Chiang Mai.