May 28, 2024



Cocaine Addiction Treatment – On the Spotlight

Leaves of coca plants are utilized to produce the drug buy cocaine online, a substance which stimulates the central nervous system and suppresses ones appetite. Due to countless cases of addiction and dependence of individuals on the drug, many countries have prohibited and banned the possession, cultivation, and distribution of the drug. Despite heavy sentences and punishments await those who are caught violating drug laws prohibiting cocaine, it is still one of the most widely used substances in the world today, hence gaining notoriety and a status of infamy.

The drug, being a stimulant, imitates the actions of chemicals the brain makes, forwarding pleasure messages to the reward center of the brain. Similar to other substances such as adrenalin, Cocaine leads to an increase in one’s heart rate, blood pressure as well as the rate at which one breathes. When taken in excess however, it leads to psychological problems such as drastic emotions of anger, paranoia as well as panic, including hallucinations. As a result, there are cases in which cocaine has also led to lethal seizures as well as strokes.

Treatment for cocaine addiction takes into consideration several elements, which include how severe the symptoms of addiction are, the damage caused by the cocaine, and how fast recovery would be. Symptoms for cocaine addiction include cravings for the substance, depression, loss of energy, feeling fearful, irritability, wanting a lot or losing a lot of sleep, nausea, excessive sweating, rapid breathing, heart palpitations and an increase in appetite, lasting for about a few weeks even after an individual has stopped the use of cocaine.

Although not available at present, medicines that can be used in treating cocaine addiction are being intensely researched. Researchers are working continuously in identifying and testing different options and alternatives of remedying cocaine addiction. To date, there are experimental medicines such as selegiline which researchers say is a potential treatment but still requires the right kind of administration. The commonly-used alcoholism drug Disulfiram has also proven to have a slight effect in cocaine addiction treatment during clinical trials.

Usually, prescriptions of Antidepressants are also used to counteract various mood changes that accompany withdrawal from cocaine, whereas there are treatments being made to deal with cocaine overdose as well.

Current treatments also include psychological examinations such as the cognitive-behavioral coping skills, which is an effective method to deal with the addiction of cocaine, despite being only a temporary method that emphasizes on an individual’s learning process. The treatment aids the patient to identify, prevent, as well as handle situations that can lead them back to cocaine addiction.

The people behind Cocaine addiction treatment programs comprise of compassionate and caring doctors, nurses as well as counselors who know dreadful situation of an addict. Through extensive research programs, the staff knows and chooses the best treatment possible for the patient in need.