May 23, 2024



Deck Restoration – Simple Steps To a Large Problem

Have you been thinking about what your St louis deck builders  could look like if you took the time to really give it a once over and restore it to its original beauty. The biggest part about deck restoration is actually taking the time to do it. Once you’ve made that decision and you get yourself motivated you’ll find that it wasn’t that hard at all.

One to the biggest concerns is the condition of the building material that was used. Wood decks need to be looked at to see if there is any rot or termite damage. Look at the structure and see if it is still sound and safe to use. Don’t stop at looking just at the surface of your boards, get right under it and look closely to see if there is any unnoticed damage there.

Purchase new boards of the same type of material to replace any that are beyond hope. You will notice color differences between the old wood and the new, but don’t fret over it because it’ll all turn out great in the end. Old decking will require a cleaning with an industrial type cleaner that does not destroy the wood fibres.

It is best if you use a biodegradable cleaner that will not destroy any plants or beneficial soil organisms. Many cleaners say they are biodegradable but in a strong solution they can still damage vegetation so be careful when using them.

Pressure washers are often used to clean decks, but should not be used by a novice because they can damage the soft fibres in your wood. If you use extreme caution and don’t have the pressure set to high they do a wonderful job at restoring the look of the wood. I find that oxygen bleach is a far better way of restoring wood than any other methods including pressure washing especially for a beginner. It is environmentally safe for your plants and your pets as well as the wood or any beneficial soil organisms. In fact you’ll find that it actually helps your plants by adding extra oxygen to the roots.

The trick for it to work is to let it soak right into the wood so it can do its magic there. Brush it in and don’t let it go dry and you’ll have a new looking deck that is uniform in color. Rinse it off with a garden hose and let it dry before adding a stain and sealer.