April 25, 2024



Google Everflux – Just What We Needed, Google on Speed

Is it just me or has Comprar avaliações Google gone into overdrive?
As a professional full-time online marketer I have
to keep my mind firmly placed on what Google is doing.
As much as I try not to because Google has probably
driven more people around the bend than Chrysler and
Mercedes-Benz put together.

Like any professional marketer, I monitor my numerous
keywords on a daily basis – especially my major targeted
keyword phrases that bring in the most sales and subscribers.
For years now, I have had top rankings in Google for my
chosen phrases; they move up and down, but mostly they
don’t leave the first page.

However, lately I have been noticing a lot of jumping
in the top listings. Links out of nowhere are appearing,
links being dropped and my own links moving up and
down much too quickly for my comfort. Even six months
ago the Google main index seemed to be a whole lot
more stable than it is now.

Within the past months, rankings within Google have
become more dynamic, more fluid. They can change from
day to day, what some people are calling Google Everflux.
This is very similar to the old Google Dance we used
to have a few years ago…when Google would update or
refresh its index about once a month. Now Google is
stepping out on that dance floor every day.

Once upon a time, your keyword rankings in Google
didn’t change that much. Every four or five months
Google would do major updates where your keywords
and your site’s PageRank could have a major jump or
fall in Google’s index. But have things changed?
Has the whole ranking process now been sped up?
Has the Google Index now become more fluid, more
dynamic, changeable daily? Updating, fluctuating
on the fly?

Inquiring minds want to know…

Keep in mind, Google Everflux is not a new term.
As far back as July 2002 there are references in
Webmasterworld to the Google Freshbot and Google
Everflux. This term referred to the re-freshing
of the Google Index.

Unlike many SEO theories and assumptions, the Google
Everflux is the Real McCoy. That is if you can believe
the Google Guy, and there’s no reason not to take Matt
Cutts at his word.