July 12, 2024



How Do Cortisol Steroids Lead to Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are scars formed by stretching of the skin combined with hormone fluctuations. They are caused by a variety of factors that include weight gain or loss, pregnancy, hormonal changes, weight lifting, and the use of cortisol how to get tren medications. Cortisol are topical and are found in creams as well as prescription topical ointments. While many instances of those ugly marks occur for natural reasons, those caused by cortisol are a direct result of the medication. It is important to note that while most cases of striae are treatable, cortisol steroids stretch marks are often irreversible.

How Do Cortisol Steroids Cause Stretch Marks?
Cortisol steroids are prescribed for many reasons, and are extremely beneficial when it comes to treating certain skin conditions. Conditions that are treated with cortisol include psoriasis, ear infections, acne, allergic reactions, and eczema. While cortisol steroids minimize pain, swelling, and irritation, they often cause adverse side effects, especially in sensitive individuals. Side effects include hives and blisters, irritation, itching, and stretch marks. Striae due to topical cortisol steroids occur when the medication is applied too frequently, first leading to an overall thinning of the skin. If the skin is thinned out and stretched for a long period of time, irreversible stretch marks can occur and are often untreatable. Striae caused by cortisol steroids typically appear on the inner thighs, in the knee and elbow creases, and directly under the arms. While these stretch marks are typically irreversible, the good news is that there are natural treatments that help to minimize their appearance, and there are also a variety of natural alternatives to topical cortisol steroid creams.

Natural Treatments For Skin Inflammation
Cortisol is naturally produced by the body, and plays a key role in regulating body functions. Cortisol steroids work by minimizing inflammation that occurs in eczema, psoriasis, and a variety of skin conditions. While there is absolutely no argument on how well cortisol steroids work to minimize pain and inflammation, it is always better to take a more natural approach in treating your skin in order to avoid side effects that include stretch marks. Natural remedies for eczema and psoriasis include lavender, Shea butter, aloe Vera cream, and retinol. For extremely dry skin, all natural creams containing high concentrations of Vitamin E, cocoa butter, Shea butter and grape seed oil are extremely beneficial in treating and healing the affected areas. If you must use cortisol steroids for a specific medical condition, alternating your steroid cream with a natural remedy as well as limiting your use of the ointment can help to prevent stretch marks from forming.

Natural Alternatives to Cortisol Steroids
While cortisol steroids often seem like the only option when it comes to inflammatory skin conditions, there are several natural alternatives that are known to have the same anti-inflammatory properties as cortisone creams. Olive oil contains a special compound called olecanthal that is known for its healing properties, and has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean as a skin treatment and food additive. White willow bark has been used for over 3,000 years in Egypt for a variety of treatments due to its high concentration of salicin, a natural ingredient that has the same anti-inflammatory properties as aspirin.

In Conclusion
Cortisol steroid creams provide efficient treatment for a variety of skin conditions, but the downfall is that these creams can cause striae if they are over-used. If you have been prescribed a cortisol cream to treat an inflammatory condition, it is important for you to consider the natural alternatives available to you as well. Natural creams and ointments are extremely beneficial for a variety of skin conditions and inflammation issues, and you don’t have to worry about side effects such as skin irritation. By weighing out your options prior to starting a cortisol regime, you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to your skin treatment needs.