June 25, 2024



How Do You Produce an Enticing Product Review?

It’s easy to understand why Amazon.com is as successful it is, when you understand the elements they use to help their customers make a decision. Amazon has over 40,000 wonderland mushroom gummies on their site and each has a section for testimonials and product reviews from real people who have bought the item. How fantastic to have a site that other people contribute useful information to for free!

Product reviews are essential to any kind of marketing you do on the internet, and they work especially well for your own products and affiliate products.

Nearly everyone who buys online will admit that reading a number of good product reviews influenced their eventual purchase. Couple that with the face that seventy percent of online shoppers look for reviews before they even consider buying.

People go online for information and help, so you should always bear that in mind when you get into any kind of online marketing. Having good product reviews will boost your sales enormously.

Use Visuals

Firstly you should incorporate video into your product review. Think of a creative way to use the product in a video and show yourself using it if you can – of course it all depends on the product you are promoting. You can get some great ideas by looking at the product reviews on YouTube. Try to find a review on one product by a number of different people.  Look at how many views the video has received and make note of the techniques used in the most popular ones. Many are “unpacking” or “out of the box” videos, useful yes, but could you make it a little more interesting or funny perhaps? Being unique always pays dividends on the internet!

Video equipment is very inexpensive today so learn to use it. Try it on your family first until you get comfortable and understand how to use it properly. Don’t be afraid of it, part of attraction marketing is being yourself, so act naturally.

If you simply can’t make a video, then make sure you have great photographs for people to look at. If you own the product, have someone take a really good photograph of you using the product, again, you can slip in a bit of self-branding by doing this.

Product Descriptions

If you are good at writing and you own the product you promote, sit down and write an original article about it. Be honest and explain any difficulties you had and how you overcame them. If you have some tips, and tricks, include those.

Although it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to write a great review – what manufacturer is ever going to mention a problem? They are always going to say their product is the best on the planet. You can add to that and say it’s the best because…

The customer is extremely educated today and they shouldn’t be insulted by being educated even more. Tell them everything in your review and be honest, dimensions, weight, postage costs, color – don’t leave anything out. Remember also to do some exhaustive keyword research and use them naturally in your articles.

If you can incorporate pictures of you using the product, or videos, again this will give the prospective buyer confidence and trust. There are fake product reviews everywhere from people who sell the product, so it is best to prove what you do with a picture or video, to counter people’s suspicions!

Don’t be afraid to tell prospective buyers who this product is NOT suitable for. “This vacuum, while incredibly efficient is rather heavy and not suitable for people who have trouble lifting.” “This software is very complicated to use but great when you get the hang of it. I made a video showing you the best way to use it, the manufacturer’s instructions are too complex. If you don’t have Windows 7 it will NOT work for you.” “This lotion works like a charm on dry skin, DON’T use it if you have sensitive skin.”