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Kanha National Park Resorts – Tigers, Wildlife, a Luxurious Stay, and More

Kanha national park in Madhya Pradesh, India is a prime and the finest options to explore the unseen adventures of wildlife. The jungle offers best possible overview of its enchanting scenic beauty with its rich and diversified flora and fauna. The park has numerous wildlife 제주바다뷰숙소, forest lodges, hotels, log huts, guest houses, and other natural accommodations inside the park which serve as the ideal base to explore its wildlife.

All the resorts, lodges and hotels here are well designed and adapted to the natural habitat. The Kanha Resorts provide its guests all the comforts and luxury amid the dense forests. All Kanha wildlife resorts provide arrangements for wildlife safaris to the Kanha National Park. During these safaris, you can spot numerous wild animals and birds from close quarters. At Kanha one can find all types of resorts and numerous staying options as per your style, comfort and budget.

Kanha is well known as the “Land of Sherkhan” the tiger, which is well described in the amazing stories from Rudyard Kipling in his famous novel the “Jungle Book”. This wildlife sanctuary is situated in the Mandla district of Central India in Madhya Pradesh, India. In 1955 Kanha was rehabilitated into a National Park and was launched as the tiger reserve under Project Tiger in 1974. Kanha national park cum Tiger reserve extends over an area of over 1,940-sq-kms. The park is located in the Maikal range, the eastern division of the Satpura Hills of the Central Indian Highlands.

The park lies 160 km (100 miles) southeast of Jabalpur in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha is 270 km (170 miles) northeast of the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra. These places are well linked with direct flights from Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, with connections to other cities. The exact geographical coordinates of the park is, Latitude: 22 deg 7 inches to 22 deg 27 inches N; longitude: 80 deg 26 inches to 81 deg 3 inches E. The climate is tropical, with humid and hot summers. Max and min temperature goes to 40.6 deg C and 23.9 deg C. Pleasant winters with an average max and min temperature of 23.9 deg C and 11.1 deg C. The annual average rainfall is 152 cm.

Kanha Adventures:
At present Kanha is one of the most promising tiger reserves in India, where some of the best sightings of this magnificent animal can be had. The prime adventurous activity in Kanha National Park is the tiger show or the tiger safari. This can be done on an elephants back or by authorized jeeps and guides. Kanha museum is a widely visited spot here; it’s a tribal museum that gives elaborate details about the lifestyle of the people who belong to the jungle. Bamni Dadar here is one of the famous sunset points. Tourists visit to get the picturesque view of the setting sun.

Kanha National Park – Resorts, Lodges, Hotels and Accommodation Guide
Mogli Resort: This Mogli Jungle Resort is located in the Mandla district, is named after a lovable character the Mogli, from Rudyard Kipling’s famous novel the “Jungle Book”. The resort offers various accommodations like 20 rooms in main building and 30 cottages. All these are well equipped with modern luxuries and amenities to ensure optimum level of comfort for the guests. Mogli Jungle Resort offers Jungle Safaris, swimming pool, campfires, exotic dining experience and many other facilities that make your stay a memorable one.

Kipling Camp: This is the first ever wildlife resort established at Kanha in the year 1982, by Bob and Anne Wright. The resort is located in the buffer zone of the Park just outside the Village Mocha. This wildlife resort features is equipped with 18 double suite rooms and 1 family cottage. Each spacious cottage has a private porch with all modern amenities and attached bathroom.