July 16, 2024



lip tattoo perth Augmentation – Beauty Or The Beast

Lip Augmentation and enhancement has been around for centuries, from primitive attempts at lip tattoo perth dyes all the way to sophisticated lip implants with the use of surgery. Men and women know the importance of having gorgeous, full pouty lips like those found on lip goddesses like Angelina Jolie. Many people are willing to do whatever it takes to attain these results and the good news is there are a lot of different options but don’t jump into any decision just yet until you do some homework. Many of us have seen tons of photos of women that look like something like a Platypus on the animal channel and understand that some major caution is in order to avoid a bad outcome.

The latest lip enhancement methods include three main procedures. All have pros and cons and In my opinion you would be crazy to start with the lip implants, as to have them removed is not a small thing. Start on the non permanent lip injection fillers end of the options spectrum and if you like what you see- work your way up.These are the most common brands and manufactures of lip enhancement products and fillers.

Take a good look at your face and mouth. The size you can go up is normally, call it a 3 on a scale of one to ten. Let me explain, as you mouth is closed your lips press or rest together, as you add any filler that space becomes smaller no matter where the injection or implant is placed in your mouth, at some point you will pass the pouty point and head into the platypus look. Danger, if your lips stick out for no reason it just looks very fake and unnatural. This is one of the main reasons I strongly recommend trying a non permanent lip injection as a starting point in your quest for the best lips for your face type. You can get a little and if you think it’s a good choice for you, then you can get a bit more, till you hit the right balance between sensual and too much projection.. Also i think that if you are working with the plastic surgeon that will be doing an implant procedure, if that’s what you decide he will have a very clear idea of what works and does not work for your face. I would never get a lip enhancement with an implant from a doctor that had no idea what was the very best outcome for me prior to surgery. Also keep in mind that some patients have reported having speech changes with implants, e.g. they talked funny, so again non permanent is the way to start out in my book