July 16, 2024



Low Cost Garage Shelving Construction

Although a One Day Garage Floors is primarily built or made to house vehicles, garages in many homes today have also been used to keep different items in an orderly fashion with the help of garage shelving. If not for the introduction of this into many homes, these garages would have been in a state that is less desirable.

Garage shelving is the process often used to ensure objects left in the garage are not kept just anywhere, but in a storage item. The objects often found here are sporting gear like your lawn tennis rackets, base ball bat, helmet, et al., and even tool boxes. These objects are then properly arranged for easy retrieval..

Carrying out this task of cleaning up your garage can be intimidating, but don’t be discouraged as by the time you are through, you will be very glad that you did it. Once this task is concluded, your garage will now be a place you will be ever willing to show to your friends and neighbors.

There are quite a number of materials which you can use to undertake garage shelving. However, aluminum and steel are the more commonly used metallic materials for making such cabinets. Steel is often preferred because of its strength. You can, however, choose to use a wooden garage cabinet as this is often cheaper, especially if you build one yourself. The advantage you will enjoy if you build one yourself assuming you have the skill is that you will make one which will definitely meet your specification in every sense of the word.

Materials that you can use for your family wooden garage shelve are: 3/4″ plywood to make strong shelves for the less expensive option and pine wood or fir to construct more expensive solid boards. Whichever option you choose, making strong boards which can withstand heavy loads should be your priority, as low load capacity can be a problem in the future as you increase items stored in each shelve.

Ensure you draw up a plan for your wooden garage cabinet and every other thing that is necessary to make your garage what it ought to be as this is wise. Your plan should include; depth of each shelve, space between each shelve and the amount of space this shelve will take so it does not encroach into the space allocated for your vehicle(s).