June 16, 2024



Master of Education Degree Programs Online – Teachers’ Guide

Online learning includes master of acim programs for those teachers who want to go a level up from the qualification conferred by the conventional courses. With a master’s education degree, the teachers also get to learn the skill of incorporating technological tools in their teaching curriculum. With such a qualification, they also learn to adapt methods as and when they evolve, to remain up-to-date and incorporate the modifications in their teaching styles. A master’s education degree is particularly ideal for those who are into imparting distant education to the adults, administrating education, designing curriculum for educational institutions, and training military candidates.

There are many colleges and universities offering accredited master’s of education degrees programs online. A master’s of education degrees certification has many advantages for the teachers’ for their careers, particularly because many states necessitate K-12 teachers to enroll in masters’ of education degrees within a specified timeframe. Obtaining such a certification means higher salaries for the candidates and guarantee well-paying jobs to the fresh candidates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers averaged $46,597 per annum in 2003-04. The continued strong demand of well-qualified teachers globally, indicates that this is the right time for those teachers, who are aiming at the sky to enroll themselves for the master’s of education program.

Following is the list of universities that offer varied master’s of education program to teachers from various disciplines: The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) has given a $10 million grant to the WGU’s Teachers College to develop competence-based online degrees and various teacher certification programs for trainers and aspiring teachers. Some of the programs are listed below:

Grand Canyon University (GCU), targets at preparing its candidates as thinkers, responsible leaders, and effective communicators. GCU, with its value-based and academically-challenging curriculum offers several regionally accredited degree programs to its candidates. Some of master degree courses offered by GCU are: Besides, University of Phoenix Online provides the most up-to-date curriculum to the teachers. Complete dedication to the courses fetches the candidates a master’s degree in three years.