June 16, 2024



Microsoft Office 2013 – The Recent Changes and Lots More

On January 29, 2013, the updated version of Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise was officially unveiled, whereas the updated release of Office 365 happened at the end of February. These latest updates represents a big change, basically due to the move to the cloud computing. Apart from the big change related to cloud computing, Microsoft has also enhanced the individual. For example, the latest version of Microsoft Office is touch-screen enabled. Some of the other features include Exchange ‘ActiveSync’, this feature helps in push mailing, through popular mailing services, apart from that it also helps you connect socially on networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter without even leaving the page. They have upped the scale with all these features to make working with Microsoft suite easy.

Take a look at the latest changes to Microsoft Office Suite:

1. Cloud Computing
Save your documents in cloud-based storage tool called SkyDrive and access it from anywhere such as PC, Tablet, School, Office. Now there is no need to load up extra USB to transfer your document.

2. Editing the PDF files
In the new version, the user can edit the PDF files easily. Now the user can even embed YouTube videos and images within the document.

3. “Read Mode” for making reading easy
Use read mode to enhance the reading experience of user, read the document clearly with the help of read mode, which allows the text to flow automatically in columns. No need to scroll the page anymore.

4. Easy Peasy Stylus
Write down your mails with stylus and later convert them to text quickly and easily. Create laser pointer with stylus for creating presentations easily.

5. The Social Network
The latest version comes with “Yammer”, a social network utility which comes integrated with Office. Now you can access Facebook, Twitter and other social networking site without even leaving the main page.

6. Note it in OneNote
This feature basically acts as your personal assistant, who will collect important notes about the users like images, messages, text etc, which is saved in SkyDrive, which helps in accessing it anywhere. This apps is also available in Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Apart from these improvements, Microsoft Word 2013 is much more clean and polished with a wide range of tools and templates to create new documents in no time, and that too with ease. Also, now you can easily share docs and files in new and improved path in no time. Because of the new and stunning user friendly design, you are getting a polished end product as you work on your documents. Similarly, the Microsoft Excel 2013 also has many improved features and functionality to make working with spreadsheet easier than ever before. Features like enhanced insert and track data, much advance graphical enhancement, and SkyDrive for hassle free sharing has added more feathers to cap for Excel.