June 19, 2024



Questions To Ask When Searching For A Plumber

Let’s face it; we regularly go to the doctor and Plumbers in Waynesburg PA  for our annual and bi-annual check ups. We have our cars inspected and tuned up like clockwork. Why then do we not have our plumbing systems in our homes checked regularly? Why do we wait until something goes catastrophically wrong? Our homes are our family’s foundation and we made a huge investment-why not protect our investments.

I have been a plumbing contractor my whole life and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Even in the electronic age we now live in, I still rely on referrals from satisfied customers, friends and family. In my opinion, this is still the best way to find a reliable contractor.

Recently I received a call from a woman who was at her wits end and standing in a puddle of water. She had a water heater that failed and was having difficulty in finding a professional to come to her home. Thankfully, a neighbor came by and suggested she contact me. We arrived within thirty minutes and fixed a water line for half the cost of some other quotes she received.

I realize you have busy schedules and your home’s plumbing system is not high on your “to do” list, however take just a moment to peruse the phonebook or an online phone directory and look under Plumbers. You most likely will find several names. Remember, don’t believe every advertisement you read.

I have also seen the “handy work” of some not so good plumbers. There are plumbers that are good and of course there are plumbers that are bad. Some states regulate plumbers more than others do, protect yourself by calling plumbers before you need them.

If you wait until you have a plumbing emergency your emotions will take over and you are more likely to accept the first plumber who is available. It’s true that plumbers charge a lot of money, are an independent type, and good plumbers are often too busy for new customers. You can overcome some of this by establishing a working relationship with a plumbing contractor before you need emergency service.

As I mentioned above, go through the phone book and call plumbers as if you are in the middle of an emergency. Yes, you are fibbing a little, but all is fair in love and war (or in this case business). By doing this you will see who answers the phone personally, who calls you back, and how long you have to wait to have your call returned eliminating a number of contractors.