July 21, 2024



R-Bet Review

R-Bet is the latest in a long line of roulette beating سایت بت فوروارد programs that have been released to the general public in the hope of beating the game of roulette. In this R-Bet review I’m going to speak about the pros and cons of R-Bet, how it actually effects to beat the casino, how much you can expect to win with it and finally, is R-Bet actually worth your money?

R-Bet works by taking several factors into account before the player places a bet. The first is by using an age-old mathematic formula to judge how much should be bet based on previous wins and losses. Called the Martingale principle, it isn’t 100% foolproof in the long run as in the event of a losing streak this would require the player to bet more than the table limit to recover a loss. However R-Bet has a way of making sure this never happens which we’ll talk about next.

R-Bet also implements smart betting strategies in two ways. Firstly, R-Bet only tells the player to place a bet on a certain section if it hasn’t come up for a long period of time. This capitalizes on the law of averages and has it work in the players favour. Secondly, R-Bet continuously calculates the amount of wins and losses the player has generated and will tell the player to quit or switch tables a long time before his losses have outgrown his winnings. This effects to remove the Martingale’s flaws from the system as it will not allow the player to continue betting if it records a scenario that is going to lead to an unrecoverable loss.

The last thing R-Bet does is to record exactly where the ball is falling, in order to judge where it is most likely to land next. While this is not a guaranteed winning strategy as the ball has no memory, it does work the highest likelihood in the player’s favour and after all, that’s what roulette’s all about – odds.

In the end, none of the individual strategies R-Bet utilizes are foolproof, however when combined together they do effect to give the player a much higher odds of winning that he normally would. While R-Bet will never be something a roulette player can use to make millions or buy a Bugatti Veyron, it is very realistic that a player using R-Bet could leave his job for a career in online gambling.

When I first began using R-Bet I started betting with small $1 bets to test the system out, and even betting in this fashion I made $55 in the first hour which meant I had recouped the cost of buying the system as well as put an extra $15 in my pocket, and the next two hours made me an additional $90. This means in just 3 hours I had profited $105, which is a lot more than many people make in a whole day of employment in a 9-5 job.

I recommend you begin betting on R-Bet with small amounts as I did in order to create a bankroll to bet larger later on, however if you do have some excess cash at your disposal, there’s nothing wrong with betting $2, $3 or even $5 at a time. In the end, the more you bet the greater your winnings will be at the end of the day.