June 16, 2024



Security Equipment Checks After a Burglary

Your home or business has just been invaded; for this, we are sorry. This article will help you understand the next steps to take regarding professional security system quotes for your property. Whether you have a security system in place or are considering having a system installed, we are here to answer your questions.

Alarm systems detect instances of a break-in by design and initiate an appropriate response with authorities. With the right equipment in place, would-be thieves might never have the opportunity to steal anything. That would be the ideal outcome. The second would be to minimize the loss. With audible sirens onsite and the knowledge that responding authorities have been alerted, intruders might depart quickly.

In the case where items where theft and damage to property have occurred, it is first crucial to look a the security equipment in place to make that it accomplished all it was intended to do. The second step is to ensure the system still functions correctly and was not damaged or permanently disabled in the event. In this post, we look at three security equipment scenarios and review necessary actions for each one.

I Have a Monitored Security System Installed

If you already have a monitored, professional security system installed, you have taken the first step towards your properties protection. After a break-in, it is important to have your alarm system checked by professionals. Intruders often attempt to damage your security equipment in hopes that an alarm activation does not meet your monitoring station. With technology advances, panels such as the Lyric Controller feature Advanced Protection Logic technology, otherwise known as APL. When enabled, this technology allows your signal to reach a central monitoring station, even if the alarm panel is compromised.

During a professional system check, a trained technician will test all of your alarm devices to ensure they are not damaged. If any damage was done, the technician will take note of this and go over options to have the system repaired with you. During this visit, you will also be able to discuss any areas you would like to add protection.