May 28, 2024



Sell My House – Choosing a Real Estate Agent

You mention to a friend that you are considering Sell my house for cash and may be looking for a real estate agent. Somehow the word gets out quickly and next the next thing you know everyone has a real estate agent for you. The hard part is many of these people suggested are your friends too. So you are obligated to go through the first one of your agent friends that contacts you directly right? Nope. Choosing the wrong agent to sell your home is a common mistake people make when selling their home. So you need to choose wisely and do some interviewing prior to your choice.

During the interview process you will want to find out a few things about the agents. Obviously, you want to feel like they can relate to you and others. However, don’t let that be the ultimate deciding factor. Otherwise, just choose one of your real estate agent friends. Find out how long they have been doing this. How many houses have they sold? How many did they sell last year? What is their commission? How do they intend to market your home? What will they do for you that another agent won’t? Can they provide references to people they have worked with in the past year? What separates them from the other real estate agents? Why is their brokerage better than the others around town?

In fairness and so you can compare individuals equally ask the same questions of all. Talk with at least three potential agents, but if you don’t find one that really jumps out keep looking. You will want to ask the question what they are going to do sell your home and then feel comfortable with your decision.

Once you make a choice on which real estate agent you will use find out what their plan is moving forward and what their suggestions are for you to prepare your home for sell. A great combination is an agent and seller who are equally motivated to get the house on the market, viewed and sold.

Selling your home will take patience on your part. You will need to be ready for real estate agents when they call and want to show your house on a moment’s notice. This can be frustrating, but just remember your objective is to sell the house and sell it quickly. The process won’t last forever, so smile and deal with it as best you can.