July 16, 2024



Stanno Football Kits – Different Team Lines For Varying Needs

Football is one of the most popular sports in cheap football kits. Because of the popularity of this sports event, there are a lot of manufacturers who realised that it is best to establish a product line that will serve this particular endeavour. One of the product lines to take note of is Stanno football kits. This brand is known to offer a wide array of options to consumers. Stanno football kits are available in various squads too.

The different team lines for Stanno football kits are comprised of four names. These are Durban, Porto, Santos and Stadia. Under each of these squad are various products available in different sizes and colours. To give you an idea of what is in store for you in these product lines, read along this page.

Strips and its Team Lines: The four squad for strips are made from the best materials to ensure that it will meet your needs as a consumer. Expect that these items passed the standards set in the industry. Here are some items in each of the four lines’ list:

1. Durban team line. There are four colour categories under the Durban team line – the red, navy, royal and black. These Stanno football kits consist of a complete set of football team wear. The shirt costs £9.99, the training shorts are priced at £12.99 whilst the all weather pants costs £15.50. The coach jacket is the most expensive amongst the list as it is priced at £25.99.

2. Porto team line. This squad has more colours than that of the Durban squad. Whilst it does not have black-coloured items on its list, it has the antracite, yellow, sky blue and green. The line includes a wide array of items including a pique top and pant, a micro top and a coach jacket. The price ranges in between £13.99 to £25.99 a piece.

3. Santos team line. Adding to a list of choices in the categories of strips is the Santos squad. This one has the red, navy-royal, grey, orange, navy, yellow, green and royal-black. A list of picks in this product’s catalogue is the Santos Poly Suit, Santos Micro Top Half and Full Zips, Santos Micro Pant and the Santos All Weather Jacket and Pant. These ones cost from £15.50 to £20.99.

4. Stadia team line. The last name amongst a list of products inside strips is Stadia. This versatile line is available in five colours namely red, black, green, maroon and royal. Popular choices found in this part of the brochure are the micro top and pant, pique suit, pique top and pant, training top and the all weather jacket. These items are priced in between £16.50 to £29.99.

With the list of squads in Stanno football kits, it will be easier to make a choice. Gather your team together and look at your options before you order one. Remember, having the best out of Stanno football kits will depend upon the decision of your entire team.