June 16, 2024



Understanding the Stages of Landscape Design

If you want to turn your lawn into something beautiful to enjoy in the warm months, it is likely that you need to think about landscape design https://www.blossomandoak.com/landscaping-gilbert-az design is something that can change a flat stretch of glass into a flowered, contoured and complex area that delights the senses. Before you get started on deciding how you would like landscape your yard, however, it might be helpful to be aware of the stages that a landscaping company will go through to help you realize your vision. There are three stages that landscape design takes and each one is important to the end product.

The first stage that your landscape design will go through will be the basic layout. This layout may be very simply or extremely detailed, but essentially, it is a map of what is going on in your yard currently, and will be going on when the the landscaping is over It will give both you and the landscape designer a good idea of where everything is and what needs to be changed, and because it is drawn to scale, you will be able to see how all the different elements of your design interact with each other. This is quite important when you are looking for what might be called a “thumbnail” sketch of the project.

The next stage should be the upgrade. An upgrade is essentially a version of your landscaping concept that is more detailed and more complete. Instead of having a flat schematic where squares represent shrubs and circles represent flower beds, you will likely get a perspective drawing in 3D that helps you visualize what is going on. It will be more detailed than a basic image, and you will find that it can be very intricate. An upgrade will likely give you a better idea of how the landscape is going to hang together, and it can give you your first real look of what your landscape will look like.

The third stage of landscape design is the premium stage and you will find that it is going to give you the most impressive taste of what your landscape is going to do. Going far beyond the detail offered in the basic category or the upgrade category, a premium stage design will give you full color images with an amazing amount of precision and detail. There will be a completely outlined process of what is going to go into the job from beginning to end, and at this stage, everything should be planned out for approval, engineering review and for the necessary permits. You can even get a 3D virtual tour of your new landscape!

When you are looking into landscaping, don’t commit to a vision that you are not certain of. Make sure that you look at the planning that your landscapers are doing for you and thinking about what is going to satisfy your vision!