July 12, 2024



Using Hi-Lo Books With Struggling Readers and ESL Students

A hi-lo book is a title that offers highly interesting subject matter at a relatively low reading level. Publishers take different approaches to producing and defining these un curso de milagros videos in their product line. Some produce books which have a large gap between the age of the intended reader and the reading level; others are one or two grade levels below the expected reading level. The concept behind a hi-lo book is to encourage struggling readers or readers who are learning English as a Second Language (ESL). Readers are more likely to try a book which is about a topic of great interest to them especially if it has features designed to make it easier to read.

The high interest is generated by subject matter that appeals to readers in a particular age range. The content is what readers would read on their own without any input from adults. Readers aged 10 to 13 are often interested in sports, adventure, animals, humor, mystery, magical or fairy tales, and natural disasters. Teen readers are often interested in tough, realistic circumstances like bullying, suicide, teen pregnancy, sexuality, and drug use. They also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, adventure, graphic novels, comics, and Manga, the Japanese version of comics. Hi-lo books are like any good book with a compelling story line and fascinating facts.

The low reading levels are measured with various reading scales including the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Readability Test and the Fry Graph Readability formula. Most companies also assign Lexile levels which is text analyzed by MetaMetrics software. Some companies work with the Renaissance Learning to assign Accelerated Reader (AR) program levels. In addition to the reading levels, editorial decisions and design features also play an important role in making these books more readable. For instance, vocabulary may be carefully selected and plots may proceed linearly rather than with flashbacks or other difficult structure. Sentences may be short and simply constructed. The length of the book may be shorter to be less intimidating to the reader. More white space, slightly larger typeface, and subtly enlarged white space between lines makes it easier for the eye to follow the text.

In addition to age appropriate content, the books are designed with graphics and photographs that complement the content and avoid a “baby book” appearance. The covers look similar to any other book designed for that age range.

Application in the Classroom. Hi-lo books are a great way to engage your students’ interest in reading. The books allow students to practice critical reading skills and develop reading fluency. They may also be designed to increase vocabulary by including limited amounts of higher level vocabulary in otherwise simple reading structures. Ideas for use in the classroom include: