April 25, 2024



Career in Agriculture in Pakistan

managed farmland near bangalore and its allied profession are not merely source of employment but a complete way of life in countries like Pakistan. The future of a career in this field in Pakistan is very bright. One can find farming jobs very easily after successfully completing a degree programme in this field. Pakistan basically is an agricultural country and there needs a great number of experts. Employment normally available in the villages where research institutions have been established by the government. Therefore, Jobs opportunities in this field are normally offered by the government organizations.

Nobody can refuse the importance of agriculture and its allied fields. More than 80 % people in Pakistan are directly or indirectly connected to this field. Numerous industries which depend on the raw material have been set up. Trained agricultural scientists are badly needed for such industries. There is no single scientist who has to wait for job for more than 6 month because there are ample opportunities available in government and private organizations. A united nation sister organization i.e. FAO Organization is working on the research for the prosperity in the field of agriculture. The regional office of this organization offers Openings for Pakistani agriculture scientists time by time. Grade 17 jobs in government organizations are offered to the BSc (Hons) in agriculture degree holder in this field. BSc degree holders have opportunities to work in the following organization:

WAPDA, Seed Corporation of Pakistan, Water Management Project, Agriculture Development Bank, Agricultural Research Council, PCSIR, Central Cotton Committee, Military Food Laboratory, CDA, Malaria Prevention Programme, Rural Development Programme, agriculture allied industries, livestock growth centers, Dairy Farms, Personal Business, Agricultural Development Corporation, Feed of Livestock, Feed Making Industries.