May 22, 2024



Distance Education – A Boon For the Learners of All Age Group

Education plays a pivotal role in the life of human being. ucdm It makes one a civilized person and enables to see the entire world in such a way in which a common or illiterate person doesn’t see. A few years ago, most of you have to go to your school to attain school education and college or university to attain higher education at degree and doctorate levels.

But now the time has changed and you have various modes of education to earn certificate, diploma, degree, etc. Distance education is one of the convenient modes of education (on campus, off campus including correspondence and online) available today.  

The distance education in India is managed & governed by the Distance Education Council, New Delhi. The council has the authority to direct distance education institutions for the curriculum and keeps an eye on all distance education programs offered. Distance education India has brought the great opportunity for all age group of learners and made them able to earn higher degree at their own convenience and pace.

Distance education universities like Indira Gandhi National Open University, Kota Open University, Nalanda Open University, Tamil Nadu Open University, Maduarai Kamraj University, Karnataka State Open University and many others have played a crucial role in distance education by offering several distance education courses.    

Today distance education courses are not offered only in arts, humanities, science and commerce but also in technology, business, mass media, medicine, management and many more. Distance education has made easier to earn a higher degree in any stream or subject by offering online distance education courses.

The colleges, institutes or universities you are enrolled in offer you the opportunity to access online course materials by creating a user ID on the link of their official websites. Just sit before your laptop or desktop connected with the internet and complete your online degree course by accessing the study materials online at your own pace & convenience.     

In today’s corporate world, an MBA degree has a great importance and offers you the opportunity to be the leader in your office working at management level posts. Further, the degree offers to earn a handsome income as salary. Working at managerial posts is dream of every one of you. MBA (Master of Business Administration) distance education has made this dream come true for those who are unable to regular MBA due various personal as well as professional responsibilities. MBA distance education is not only offered by universities but also by prestigious several Indian Institutes of Managemen.