June 16, 2024



Discount Laminate Wood Flooring – The “Green” Choice to Make

Discount laminate wood Polished Concrete College Station is a fantastic choice to make for your home or office. The flooring, which doesn’t require that trees be used in its production, is the “green” choice to make for any homeowner who wants quality flooring that is eco friendly too. Besides its eco friendly nature, discount laminated wood flooring is a high quality inexpensive floor covering that lasts a long time and can withstand the stress and strain of everyday activities. Not only that, it’s treated with chemicals that make it water resistant, fade resistant and stain resistant too.

A Floor that Lasts
Discount wood laminate flooring can last a long time, usually 15 years or more. Most brands come with this guarantee. With the number of quality brands touting this type of floor covering, you’ll generally get a great value for your money when purchasing any discount laminate hardwood flooring.

A host of manufacturers carry laminate flooring at discount prices. Manufacturers include the familiar brands of Pergo and Armstrong as well as Allegra, Alloc, Balterio, BHK, Bruce, Shaw, Shawmark, Wilsonart, Witex, Horizon and Harmonic to name a few.

Natural “Wood” Designs
Through computer technology, discount laminated wood flooring has been given the look of floors made with natural hardwoods. You can hardly tell a difference. In addition, the consumer can choose from a great variety of natural wood designs in dark, light and natural laminate finishes. Wood design choices include ash, birch, hickory, cherry, maple, pecan, oak, walnut, acacia, cypress, mahogany as well as exotic varieties such as teak and bamboo. Discount laminate wood flooring offers the strength and durability of wood floors without the associated higher price tag. The choices are immense and because the floors look almost identical to wood flooring materials, they’re the best choice for any homeowner who wants to save money and our earth as well.

Other Patterns
Discount laminate flooring isn’t limited to only to natural looking wood floors. It is also available in natural looking stone, granite and marble as well as ceramic designs.

Ease of Application
Most any discount wood laminate flooring can be installed over most types of sub flooring or an original floor. Therefore, the flooring is a great application for any home remodeling projects. You can even install discount laminate flooring over radiant heating systems.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Discount laminated wood flooring is simple to clean. You must use a cleaner designed for this type of flooring. However, such cleaners can be easily obtained from most supermarkets and flooring centers. Spray the cleaner on a dry mop to clean the floor. That’s all you have to do to maintain it. You’ll never have to polish or refinish the floor. Just make sure you buy an extra box or two of replacement planks or tiles should your floor retain any future damage.

As you can see, choosing a laminated floor is a smart choice to make. Take a look at the various laminate floors on the Internet. By doing so, you’ll be further convinced of the tremendous advantage of adding this flooring to your home or office.