July 16, 2024



How Can You Protect Your Flooring From Your Dog?

Dogs on Stamped Epoxy Floors College Station can be a common problem, especially new and carefully invested in flooring. Dogs can add wear to floors and one of the main problems are dogs scratching floor surfaces. They are also causers of stains and water damage as when they drink they tend to splash around. When choosing the right flooring your dog needs to be taken into account. Indeed, some floors are hard and uncomfortable and therefore may cause dogs to misbehave temperamentally when on them. Therefore it is essential to find the best ways of protecting your flooring from your dog.

Owners will want to protect hardwood floorboards when they’ve been installed, to preserve and maintain them in the face of any possible damage. This is problematic if you have a dog. Ways to protect your hardwood flooring from your dog can include the following;

Keep placemats in the entranceways and wait for your dog to be cleaned off, this can protect the most at risk areas of hardwood floorboards with strips of carpet. In addition, make sure there is no excess dirt on your dog’s feet, if you dog has an accident on your hardwood floors immediately clean it up as hardwood floors can be damaged by moisture. You also need to trim dog’s nails to make them less lethal to your hardwood flooring. This is because larger dogs are more likely to damage flooring with their nails because of the pressure of their weight and force alone.

If you are not keen on hardwood floorboards then you could purchase laminate flooring. It is seen as quite resistant to dog scratches. It is also easier for your dog to sit on. In addition, dog paws do not stain on laminate floor. It is durable and this helps with the scratch resistant nature of the floor. Unlike carpets, fur can simply be wiped off or swept away and the floor does not retain odours that could potentially stick to carpets.

Ceramic tile flooring is virtually undamaged by dogs. It is easy to clean and a good choice for dog owners. It is durable and resistant to stains and scratches. The only problem with this is that older dogs may struggle on this but by and large this is safe and dog friendly flooring.

There are other types of flooring that protects from dogs that owners should also consider. Bamboo flooring is hard and durable – more so than any other wood. It is also very easy to clean. Vinyl flooring is less expensive than wood or bamboo. Luxury vinyl provides scratch proof flooring which is perfect for a household with dogs. You should use caution when purchasing inexpensive vinyl, as it is far too easy for a dog to destroy.

There are also practical options to protect floors such the previously mentioned method of cutting your dog’s nails so they do not scratch on the floor. You can also apply floor wax, to clean your floor and prevent and block away scratches. It is always a good idea to lay down rugs or put down protective mats to further protect your floorboard.