June 19, 2024



How to Use Floor Machines to Their Fullest Potential

Flooring is like fashion because it is both functional and beautiful. Nothing says your business is clean to a customer like well-maintained floors and no other aspect of your business will have such an aesthetic impact as modern, eye-pleasing Stampede Coatings.

Installing high quality flooring is one thing; maintaining its beauty is quite another. Many businesses that don’t outsource their janitorial work will have either a floor machine or an automatic scrubber on hand. Both work equally as well, but they are designed a little differently.

A floor machine, also known as a buffer, is a common piece of equipment. Most people recognize it by its signature circular pad that operates in a counter-clockwise motion. As the pad sways from side-to-side, the machine moves forward, meticulously cleaning the floor space.

An automatic scrubber, on the other hand, is a comprehensive floor machine that not only sprays water on the surface and scrubs it, but also suctions the water away, often employing the vacuum process.

Many of these machines are specifically made for certain industries. A small- to mid-sized restaurant, for example, may have different needs and size requirements from a floor machine than a large hotel. The same is true for office buildings and school facilities.

However, whatever the needs of your business are, if you have a floor machine or automatic scrubber, you should make it work to your advantage. After all, chances are this handy piece of machinery was an investment purchase for your business. Why leave it sitting unused in a janitorial closet six days a week?

A floor machine can do so much more than just clean and polish hard flooring. By simply changing the floor pads, a floor machine can easily handle weekly deep cleaning, daily mopping and instant spot cleaning. These basic chores alone can help offset costly repairs or even complete replacement of flooring in the future.

Whether hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl or laminate, all flooring needs to be well cared for. Take a look at these different types of floor pads and the various jobs they can be utilized for:

– A Floor Pad Strip is designed for wet stripping jobs. Working in conjunction with a floor stripper, this floor pad is attached to the pad driver of either a floor machine or automatic scrubber to remove dirt and old finishes from flooring surfaces. This product will help clean and return the floor to its former glory in addition to prolonging the life of the flooring itself.

– A Floor Pad Polish will provide a high-gloss finish to clean, finished floors. The pad is created with extra-fine materials so that it buffs the floor to a high-polished shine whether the surface is wet or dry.

– A Floor Pad Restore is a light-duty floor pad that can whisk away scuff marks and dirt when used with a quality floor cleaner or polish. These pads can often be used for wet scrubbing or dry spray buffing operations.